Donation of Sanitary items to the Gambia Prisons Service

On Wednesday 5th June 2024, The Tate Brothers based in the United Kingdom through Muslim Global Relief (MGR) presented sanitary items to the Gambia Prisons Service at the service Headquarters in Mile II, Banjul. The items donated include the following;

  • Ten (10) cartons of sanitary pads
  • Two (2) bales of blankets
  • Two (2) dozens of plastic kettles
  • Ten (10) pieces of mosquito nets
  • Ten (10) packets of laundry soap
  • Twenty-five (25) pieces of praying mats
  • Twenty-five (25) pieces of plastic buckets, and
  • Twenty-five (25) pieces of plastic tea cups

During the presentation, the Project Coordinator of Muslim Global Relief (MGR) Mr. Lamin Jobe revealed that this year they have four projects they intend to embark on and one of them is to donate sanitary items to the Prisons Service. He further stated that what inspired them to come up with this donation was what they heard during the TRRC testimonies about the condition of the Gambia Prisons Service. It is based on that they decided to come and complement the government’s effort to improve the prison condition.

For his part, the Director General of Prisons Mr. Ansumana Manneh welcomed the donors to the Gambia Prisons Service and thanked them for the donation, and continued to say that the donation was timely as it came at a time when it was needed most. DG Manneh informed the donors that all four projects that are mentioned are very relevant to the prisons because the prison system has now shifted to a correctional approach in which those projects are needed and said that they can consider the Prisons in those projects. He further stated that during his testimony at the TRRC, he stated things as they are so that people can know what are going on there. Finally, he promised that the donated items will be used for its intended purpose.