Staff Upgrading/Training

Provide a framework for professional development opportunities for all staff with required credentials both in the country and outside the country.

Professional development is fundamental to carrying out our mission. Keeping all team members fully trained in modern and emerging best practices and processes will lend a hand in developing a professional workforce prepared for practically handle every situation. We will be committed to ensuring all team members have the opportunity for professional development opportunities.

The department would like the government to continue and enhance mid-level management and leadership training program. Leadership training is indispensable in developing the next cohort of department leaders. Over the next five years, it is possible a number of experienced staff will retire from the action. The Department must cultivate the development of new, competent and proficient mid-level managers to fill the vacuum that will be left as these veteran leaders depart.

The department is bent into increasing public awareness and positive perception regarding the Gambia Prison Service’s philosophy, practices, and initiatives. To create a forum for open discussion that contributes to a positive culture within our facility and this can only be enhance properly through good training.

Study tours to other countries to learn from each other’s managerial strategies cannot be overemphasizing.