Press release from Gambia Prison Service

It has been brought to the attention of The Gambia Prison Service (GPS) of a video currently circulating on social media purportedly suggesting that the GPS donated 19 bulls for this year's Eid Adha commonly known as Tobaski.

However, to set the record straight, we wish to clarify that the GPS was not donated 19 bulls as been reported online mostly by ticktokers. It is however important to note that the GPS only received one bull and not 19 as reported. 

We seize this opportunity to once again thank the donor for their gesture. This will go a long way towards complementing the government's efforts to provide good feedings for the inmates. The government of The Gambia has over the past years continued to significantly support the prison as it is manifested in massively increasing the budget for feeding the inmates.
We once again thanked the donor and urged others to emulate them in supporting the prison in any way they can as the government alone can't do it.

Signed By
PRO Gambia Prison Service