Transportation at Mile II

This is one of the major problems encounter by the department. The vehicles at the departments disposal are not worthy, we face serious problems every now and then most especially when inmates goes to fetch fire wood. It is either they get stock on their going which is always better or they get stock on their way back which is always in the evenings which is always above 70km away. If it falls in the evenings, the inmates have to come back to their custody in all cost and a times the officers will manage a night and the next day where ever the incident occurs.

Officer coming to work finds it very difficult paying commercial vehicles to ferry them to work with their merger salary. Those of them that come for afternoon section would find it extremely difficult to go home around 10:00 pm if they close from work as there are few or no vehicles at that time.

The department is so unlucky to have some of their most senior officers’ issue with vehicles to bust up their morals and make them work abreast with their colleges from the other sister services. The few manageable vehicles we have are doing all the work which renders them liable to maintenance problem every time. It is only in the Prisons department that the Director General’s vehicle would be used by officer other than the Director himself for official transactions. We practically go to the sister service and borrow their trucks every week which is not reliable.