Inmates Education/Training

Develop offender skills and uphold success. Capacity building of officers to enhance efficiency in work delivery would require updating and fully equipping the workshops.


prison training

prison training

Central Prisons workshop inside view of the workshop


The Gambia Prison service recognizes that creative prisoner educational and vocational programs are influential in the rehabilitative process and facilitate in lowering recidivism rates. The Education Section has developed a plan focused on effectively preparing prisoners for their successful transition back into society. The plan centers on employment readiness and features Certificate completion and demand-driven vocational programs. This has one time gain momentum and the department would want to continue it.

There is a proper basic circle education program going on at the juvenile sector for the young offenders. The government provides qualified teachers to teacher them the normal school lessons. This is an effective way of keeping in a home outside their and prepare them for integration back to their society and schools. Would want this to be strengthen be equipping the facilities and make them conducive for normal teaching and learning.