Remunerations and Allowances

Improve employee engagement and enrichment.

In order to build a working atmosphere where employees feel treasured and appreciated, it is key that the Department collectively rejoice the successes and accomplishments of our most priceless resources. The work in the prison is highly risky and yet the officers are not given any form of risk allowance. Several officers have serious or deadly injures and there was no form of compensation. Female officers coming for night duties are harass on their way to work and home and no form of encouragement is given. People with additional skills work and no form of remunerations are put forward. These and a lot more put away some officers for the salary only can barely sustain them for the month.

It is not easy to work in a hard condition with lot implications to face from the inmates or the job nature whiles what you are getting there cannot do you any good. The department would surely get people of all educational back grounds if their salaries and allowances are looked into.