Prison Farms

To subsidize government effort in food self-sufficiency

Requiring all prisons to have self-sustaining farms to cut down Government expenditure in feeding Inmates

The hundreds of inmates working in the farm program will learn employment and trade skills such as agriculture (which includes a diversity of tasks such as plant and animal care and crop rotation planning), food processing, equipment operation and repair, metal fabrication, computer skills, inventory tracking, shipping and receiving, etc.

They also learn teamwork, punctuality and reliability. This prepares them for a variety of jobs once they are released. We should know that a background in farming is a firm basis for employment in a range of fields. Employment prevents re-offending.

As affordable sources of light our dependent source of food is depleted, it will become increasingly difficult to provide food for our population, including inmates. There is no doubt about how soon that time will come, but when it arrives; it will be too late to start building a more sustainable food system for the prison population. We wonder how public safety will be affected if inmates cannot be properly fed.