The Justice defenders with its stakeholders organized a one day workshop which was to revise on project and challenges since it inception in the prison a year ago.

The project since its inception Paralegal trained prison officers and inmates on drafting of appeals, Summons and trial applications. The day long workshop was in attendance with the founders namely; Matteo and Alexander, Justce from the United Kingdom and Wales respectively.

In his remarks, The Deputy Director General welcome and thanks the founders and lamented on the success stories achieved by the project which had improved the representation of cases attended and bring into notice to the courts for fair trials.

The justice defenders  paralegals also share their success stories and challenges especially on retrieving case files from courts and map out a way forward to addressing the menace.

The founders and  others speakers thanked the department for the good work in promoting the core values of the project and promised to improved and support the unit in conjunction with the major stakeholders especially the chief justice and the its ministry to help on the services rendered by the project.