As part of their familiarize tour to the Gambia, The Swedish National Assembly members recently visited the Gambia Prison Service and conducted a tour into their various areas of development. The team were verge and welcome with a power point presentation as to our success, challenges, and way forward, after which there was a questions and answer session at the Head quarters conference Hall.

The Swedish team who were led by Gambian based in Sweden Momodou Malcolm Jallow said their visit is overwhelms as the prison condition is far more better than during the previous years. During their conducted tour within the prison premises, he highlighted that various areas are have really changed due to the performance of the management nothing but even the food of the inmates preserved is quit excellent compared to the previous "water-water" he call it. Moreover, on transportation, he noted that many of our transported services are out of road and prison need transport for their daily movement and promised to look into that issue to be things of the past.

Venturing into the Training halls, which Insight training is facilitating, he was overwhelmed by the products that the inmates are producing which can can make them self employed after  their term served by producing soaps, sewing clothes, computing etc. as skills are the order of the day.

In his part, the Director General Ansumana Manneh commended the team for the visit as part of their tour nothing but prison is were our family members are kept and it has to be well considered as there are things that human being can't escape from - Prison and Death as far you are alive. He further said that doors are opened for everyone who is ready to help the prison.

Senior management were present and the power point presentation was done by Chief Inspector Joseph B Mendy.